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Living and working out of Vancouver, Canada, I am an emerging artist, activist and woman of colour exploring politically driven protest art through multidisciplinary pursuits. Focusing especially on identity politics, as well as the consideration of critical theory, my goal is to create a visual response and evaluation of current events affecting marginalized groups to set the tone for the sociopolitical period we are in, to allow for reevaluation and critical reflection. 

My work primarily functions through a diaristic lens exploring the notion of homemaking within the third space inhabited by children of immigrants of colour. Through performative, photographic and sculptural gestures, intervention of the longing and yearning for home while existing within the third space and making home your own. While living within the third space, existing is inherently uncomfortable and when living within those in betweens, comfort and home are self made.

Creating home comes to me through both multidisciplinary pursuits, exploring materials and media such as hair, textile, collage, plaster, photography, dance, performance and many more.


Home within the third space comes of using what you can to build home around you, and I want to use everything.

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