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Como Se Dice?

Como Se Dice?, meaning How Do I Say That? explores navigation of the world as a first generation child of immigrants of colour through the interconnectedness of desire for cultural connectivity melded with cultural displacement. Navigation of the western world as a visible minority, but also a person born and raised in a western country is complicated in that you are perpetually navigating two worlds, you’re different, and it’s obvious. The complicated part is feeling like I am not only different here, with my darker skin and dark curly hair, but things like my lack of a Spanish accent when speaking Spanish, and lack of cultural connectivity will always set me aside within Hispanic circles.  

The third space coined by Homi K Bhabha refers to hybrid cultural perspectives associated with both globalization and colonialism. As my work inhabits the third space, I have been continually exploring what it means to be ethnically coded existing within western spaces, and the navigation of these spaces as a person of colour. Como Se Dice? is a collection of various series of works created between 2020 to 2021. Included are one piece from the collage series Peluda, three photos from Arregla Tus Cejas, and finally the sculptural installation Contra. 

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